Local SEO Strategy: An effective guideline for 2020

Local SEO Strategy: An effective guideline for 2020

Do you know that about 47% of all searches in Google have a local intent? Nowadays, searches through typing ‘Near me’ or ‘Close by’ in Google increased by 900% than that before two years. Even, about 74% of people is more likely to visit a local store at the same day after they had searched about it in Google. Besides, Internet users visit about one and a half billion local stores on an average in each month based on their Google searches. So, it’s clear that the local SEO plays an effective role to provide the right service to the consumers. However, not every business use local SEO strategy, and for the same reason, not every business is a successful one.

If you are targeting for a successful business based on a specific location, then you must grasp the concept of local SEO strategy. Here are some effective tactics which can highly boost up your local SEO engagement and rank your website higher:

• Optimizing a ‘Google My Business’ account:

Though optimizing ‘Google My Business’ page is a must, more than half of the Business companies haven’t listed their websites in it. Listing your business with ‘Google My Business’ drives more local traffic to your websites and makes it easier for people to reach to your address. You have to carry on some procedures to verify it but it’s worth doing it.

• Optimizing mobile friendly website:

Regular positive reviews optimizes your presence

The rate of searches on mobile has drastically increased over the past few years and at present, it has surpassed the searches on computer. It is estimated that mobile phones will influence the local sales earnings of over 1 trillion dollars within 2021. So, optimizing a mobile friendly website in proper ways will have a huge difference in driving the local traffic to your website.

• Researching about local keywords:

Research for the keywords that local people will use to find your business. You must ensure that the keywords are relevant to your content. Try to include the keywords in Meta title, Meta description, URLs, blogs, and web pages. Don’t try to insert it forcefully as it could deteriorate the quality of your content. Always keep in mind that the quality is the precondition of any successful content.

• Getting online reviews from satisfied customers:

Regular positive reviews optimizes your presence in ‘Google My Business’. It may influence the customers to get to your local business. The websites gain the trust of the targeted audience and thus, new customers will connect to your business. By doing so, the local SEO of your website will definitely improve.

• Creating presence on social media:

• Making the website suitable for voice searching:

It is estimated that voice searches will increase rapidly over the next few years. So, it’s essential to optimize what people will speak into a device while searching for any answer. Because of this, it will become necessary to optimize the SEO including long-tail keywords.

• Creating content based on local events:

Writing related blog posts, and creating videos about recent things happening around your local surroundings can increase audience engagement to your website. But make sure that the quality of your content doesn’t get declined while trying to do that.

• Creating presence on social media:

Local SEO Strategy: An effective guideline for 2020

Social media has the highest number of audience on Internet. So, it needs no saying that social medias play a vital role in optimizing your local SEO. You should at least open a Facebook page of your website to improve the local SEO system of your website. Besides, Instagram and Twitter may also have an impact. Marketing on Facebook and Instagram has increased drastically at present. Many businesses have become successful due to the correct implementation of social media marketing.

• Having a ‘About us’ page or location pages:

Having such pages is imperative if your business has multiple locations in an area. You should include the name, address, contact information, opening and closing hours of your store, testimonials, promotions, parking availability, and Google Maps attached to each location page.

• Getting reviews from renowned blog site:

Many blog sites post blogs to review different business within a specific area. If you can gain the trust of those websites and ask them to review your business, then you can gain huge potential customers at your website.

To keep the search experience of users relevant and convenient, Google updates its search optimization frequently. So, every website has to keep updating itself quite often to maintain its ranking in the search listing.

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