Can paid traffic help improve SEO ranking?

Can paid traffic help improve SEO ranking?

So, you have been asking is paid traffic helpful for improving SEO ranking. You want to be sure of if you are going to use paid traffic on your page or website for improving SEO ranking. Or you just wish to use it to support your current SEO ranking which is currently operating.

If any of these is your problem, or if any of these is your question which you have been wanting an answer for, congratulations! You have directly come in contact with the article that will clear your doubts. As well as answer your question clearly with in-depth explanation for better understanding. So, grab to sit and relax as you learn all about paid traffic and the impact it can have on your website’s SEO ranking.

Before we start explanation of what impact paid traffic brings to your blog or site, let us consider asking ourselves what paid traffic is.

Just as the name sounds, paid traffic is that traffic you paid for with the aim of getting awareness. There are different types of paid traffic which we will be discussing in this article as you read on.

Examples of Paid Traffic.

2) Search Traffic

As said before now, there are various kinds of paid traffic, and they are explained below.

1) Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC).

(PPC), pronounced in full as Pay Per Click Advertising, is that type of traffic that you get to pay for every traffic sent to your site. This is not difficult to understand, just as the name implies, it has given you an insight about what it is.

This process is best done to send an offer to visitors to grab their attention to market them later.

2) Search Traffic

We can boldly say that this

This has great similarities with PPC, people even call it Pay Per Click Advertising because you are to pay for every clique that is done on it. But the clear difference between them is the fact that this one comes up in search engines.

You must have been surfing the web and come across some ads place in between results in search engines like Google, bling, and so on. The description ‘ads’ is always written at the left top of the ads or link on the search engine result page. Those are the paid traffic we are talking about, and those are what we call search engine paid traffic.

Although the cost of this particular paid traffic is expensive, it is worth every bit.

3) Display Advertising

We can boldly say that this is the most popular advertising of them all. It is very difficult not to spot this one, and considering the fact it can be very annoying, makes it even more known.

Can paid traffic help improve SEO ranking?

This type of traffic is the one placed on the content of some sites or pages of the site. It does come up in form of banners attached at any sort of the content, which can be animated or static. This banner ad can pop up in the beginning, at the center or in between the content or at the end of it.

Paid traffic in this category do come in the form of PPC or CPM, pronounced in full as Cost Per Thousand, where your banner does not need to be clicked before you pay. You get to pay once it is seen by visitors not minding if they click on it or not.

According to research and analytics, it has proven that the engagement gotten from this type of paid traffic is too low. And to crown it all, this type of paid traffic is getting worse from year to year.

4) Social Media

If you have run a Facebook page before or any other social media adverts, you will understand this one better without explanation. This is the type of traffic gotten from social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and so on. This type of paid traffic is good for organizations and companies looking to reach out to a vast audience.

Now, to answer you question thrown at the beginning of this article which is asking if paid traffic can boost SEO ranking. Having given you in-depth analysis of paid traffic above, you should now understand that paid traffic and SEO are two different things. And it does not improve the SEO ranking for your site or any website at all.

The reason is that Google algorithms will never allow the usage of paid traffic to boost SEO ranking.

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